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The SVO auto renewal is for annual membership dues. A member that opted into auto renewal will receive notification via email at least 30 days in advance of membership expiration that their membership is scheduled for auto-renewal. On the annual renewal date, The SVO will charge the membership renewal fee at the current membership level to the credit card provided. Members will receive an email receipt confirming payment. By opting in for automatic renewal, member hereby authorizes The SVO on an automatic basis to annually renew the SVO membership that member has selected and charge the applicable membership fee to the credit card placed on file.

Should a credit card be declined, the member will be notified by email or phone by a SVO representative. In the event of a declined card, auto renewal will be deactivated and the member will need to renew online or by phone, at which time they may choose to re-enroll in auto pay.

The SVO reserves the right to change annual membership dues. Members will receive notification of changes though the SVO website and in the annual email notification.

Members can log in to their member profile here to review enrollment status and to make any changes to their membership profile.

Members can cancel auto-renewal at any time within 30 days of the member’s renewal date by contacting The SVO at 408-291-5260, via the contact form in the member profile, or by email at [email protected] Following cancelation, members will have access to SVO benefits through the end of the current membership year if that year has been paid in full. No refunds will be given if a member fails to cancel their membership before the renewal date.

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